Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jeremy Mayfield Gives Interesting Interview

Thanks to the Daly Planet, I was linked an interview conducted by Captain Thunder, and his guest was none other than Jeremy Mayfield. Now, I understand many fans just want this soap opera to end. They want Mayfield to just go away. For me, it is the just the contrary. I am interested in this storyline, and I honestly believe that there so much more to this story that will be revealed in due time. Mayfield let us in on some of it in his candid interview.

Some of his most interesting comments were:

"And from a very reliable source, who is in direct contact with Brian France has told me several times and not just several times, but a lot of times, that he (France) has had a problem with me from day one. I'm from the South, and he is trying to take all of the Southern out of NASCAR, the Southeast out, just like he got rid of the racetracks and everything else, and I'm just part of that. And he didn't like what I did with Ray (Evernham) either."

If you recall, Mayfield questioned Evernham's priorities as an owner.

"I still find it hard to believe, and I think the world does too, that this is a squeaky clean sport. If they had an outside source, let's say Congress or the government got involved, or a union or whatever, because nobody is really regulating how they do their drug testing but them."

"...Brian France making contributions, you know, political contributions in three, four, or five other people's's totally illegal. He's hit trees, he's wrecked- talk about dangerous. And, he's got a cousin over there that run 120 mile per hour and got caught with cocaine and telling Daytona (police) that we own this town. What do they (courts) do? They throw it (the case) out, the judge throws it out."

"And then in court when we won our injunction the first time, I went to Brian and said 'Brian, look man, I don't want to be a part of this just as much is you don't. Whatever we can do to work together to make this thing work, you know fix it, or whatever we need to do, I'm with you on that.' ...The guy looks at me and says 'Jeremy, this isn't about you anymore'."

It was clear throughout the interview that Mayfield feels as if France has a personal vendetta against him. His disdain for France is palpable. He also seemed confident and anxiety-free following the week of his drug test, feeling that everything would work itself out.

Mayfield also denied ever using meth or any other drug.

He claimed, as you probably already read over at the Daly Planet, that NASCAR forced SPEED to edit an interview with Mayfield several months ago.

Mayfield still hopes the case goes to a trial with a jury of his peers.

Read the entire interview, or download the audio. It is very interesting. It makes you want to know more about what is really going on. I have had my doubts all along that Mayfield was a meth addict. This did nothing to change my mind.

Also, I keep hearing about a documentary that Mayfield hopes to air. That should be interesting as well.


letitbe said...

He sounds like every other druggie I've met that's in denial. The world is out to get him, paranoia and excuses. God forbid he take responsibility for his own actions.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy doesn't seem to exhibit the typical meth head or other drug symptoms you hear and read about. As I have said from the beginning, he is either the dumbest creature God ever made (which I seriously doubt) or his is right. The truth will find you out>

Jeremy Dunn said...

Yeah, and on the interview, one of the interviewers mentioned a guy who took Adderall and Claritin and then ran a drug test on himself, it came back positive for methamphetamines.

The Mad Man said...

Having read the court documents, testimony, affidavits, talked with Mayfield himself, and having been in court last February to actually see what was happening and witness the proceedings, I agree with you Jeremy. Mayfield isn't a drug user.

He brings up some very good points regarding Brian France, especially with the illegal campaign contributions. If he is prosecuted for those, he could face up to 5 years for each charge and/or a fine of 1000% of what each campaign contribution was. So we're looking at tens of millions of dollars in fines as a minimum. Providing he is prosecuted.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with the Tim Richmond lawsuit Jeremy but there are some very interesting similarities in both cases and even some of the same people involved.

Hopefully we'll know something around September if Mayfield's lawsuit will proceed after the Appeals Court hears his appeal.

Brenda said...

I can't wait for the documentary to come out. I know he had a camera around 24/7 right after this happened!! Fasten your seat belts, kids, this is going blow them away!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to side with Jeremy. I have already seen enough about Brian France to tell that he is nothing more than an egotistically spoiled brat. He let his power go to his head and now I hope the truth comes out and he has to pay .....big time!!!
The Sport would be much better without BF......this is obvious from week to week.

soundsatdjs said...

I have a bunch of Jeremy Mayfield collectables. I hope he gets back into NASCAR and races again. Don't forget, he made the chase in September 2004 by winning at Richmond in winning fashion. He's a very good driver, but just didn't get along with Evernham or Bill France, obviously. I have a cool 19 Mayfield Mountain Dew car collectable that is brand new looking. Go Jay May!!